Resurfacing Body Oil
Resurfacing Body Oil
Resurfacing Body Oil
Resurfacing Body Oil
Resurfacing Body Oil
Resurfacing Body Oil

2023 Best New Beauty Awards

The first ever Glycolic-powered body oil helps gently exfoliate and erase rough bumps while revealing smoother, softer and healthier-looking skin. Clinically shown to reduce skin roughness and improve hydration.


For All Skin Types

Rough, bumpy skin

Rough patches and small blemish-like bumps typically found on arms, thighs and cheeks

Dry Skin

Resulting from a lack of sebum, dry skin is often tight or rough to the touch and/or dull in appearance.

Enhance Your Results


Glycolic Acid Peel

Visibly reduce fine lines, wrinkles and photo-damage while increasing hydration, plumping skin and improving overall texture and tone.

Key Ingredients

5% Pro-Active Glycolic Acid

Releases Glycolic Acid over time, to provide maximum benefits and enhanced penetration. Clinically shown to reduce skin roughness while improving hydration.

Papaya Fruit Extract

Helps gently exfoliate and smooth skin.

Avocado Oil

Contains antioxidant, nourishes while helping with dry and flaky skin.

Agave Tequilana Leaf Extract

Helps nourish, soothe and keep skin soft and supple.

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How to Use
Apply to cleansed dry skin twice daily.

Customer Reviews

Based on 137 reviews
Jane T.
Body oil

It's the best body oil that I've ever used for my aging skin. Absorbs quickly and you don't have to use very much. I bought a second one right away. Good choice for dry skin

Great body oil, if you like oils!

I've tried other body oils before, and they just don't soak into my skin enough. This one is great, seems to go to the skin and leave the after effect like lotion does. You will need to rinse your hands off afterward though. Also, the pump is stronger than you think. Be careful to not spray oil everywhere when you pump it!

Sample M.
It definitely works

I like this product and it does work but I do not love it. The consistency is a little off for me but overall it has helped smooth out my bumps in my upper arms. I received this sample free to test.

Ski G.
Glytone Resurfacing Body Oil is Absolutely Amazing!!

Glytone Skin Resurfacing Oil is absolutely Amazing! I have used it for five days and my legs look incredible – they are smooth, baby soft and KP bump free. The skin on various areas of my body was beginning to look and feel dry and crepey, despite regularly slathering myself with moisturizer and body oil. My legs especially had the driest, flakiest skin imaginable. When I removed my workout leggings, they were totally covered with dry flaky skin residue. Now, after just five days of this magical product I have clean, flake free leggings, and smooth, soft, shiny hydrated legs. Other areas of my body have benefited too and are less dry and itchy. Glytone Skin Resurfacing Oil is very light, and glides onto the skin and absorbs quickly into the skin rather than coating the skin like most skin oils do. I Apply Glytone Skin Resurfacing Oil on damp skin right after showering. There is no burn or irritation when I apply it to my skin. Even though it's fragrance free it has a mild non-offensive botanical smell. And it works wonders! I Highly recommend Glytone Skin Resurfacing Oil to anyone with rough, flaky or bumpy dry skin. This is the best body oil on the market! I absolutely LOVE IT!

Couldn't Believe my Eyes!

After a week and a half of twice a day use I can say this product is magical. I have a few post surgery scars and they went from being bright red to barely noticeable. My scars were dry and itchy and this worked wonders. Give it a try and you won't be disappointed.