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Recibido por fin

I like this product a LOT. I put this on my face in the evenings after washing and exfoliating. My face always feels smooth in the mornings after using this.

Love this lotion! Makes my skin very soft.

Better than 0.05 RetinA

I don’t know why I get better results from this than my prescription retin-A, but I do. I use three pumps for my face and I can even use 2 pumps on my neck! I hope they never discontinue this. I LOVE this and it is so moisturizing as well. Definitely a power house multitasker. You can also use this if you are trying to build up to RetinA or use this just around the eyes and/or neck.

Good stuff, love the feel.

I just started using the product. It seems to be working as expected.

Irritated my skin rlly bad :( I wanted to love it but my KP did not love it

I Love this

KP Kit

Only produced that work on my skin! In love with the results!!!

Ridiculous complainers

I haven’t used this yet, but I’m gonna probably buy it because I do buy their daily face wash annd I like Glytone. and I’m gonna try this.

My review is about these complainers about the size. Why don’t you do a little research before you buy If you don’t know, know how to choose a size. Comes in 200 ML or 60 ML if you didn’t check the right one, that’s on you. 60 ML is 2 ounces 200 ML is 6.7 ounces or something like that. Stop complaining and writing bad reviews because you’re not smart.

Horrible sunscreen

Honestly I had high hopes for this sunscreen coming from a reputable brand even though it is a mineral sunscreen. I was impressed it had low percentages of zinc and titanium leading me to think it wouldn’t have a white cast but boy was I wrong. Worst sunscreen I’ve ever tried. You have to rub so much to try and blend in it ends up pilling so you’re definitely not getting the correct protection. And rubbing it in so much ends up irritating my skin. Which is funny since this is for sensitive skin. Really disappointed.

Doesn’t take much. I use it with my pouf when washing. Skin is look great.

I have been using it on and off for two weeks. My skin is looking smoother and moisturized. Can’t wait to see the difference using it everyday.

I like the product, but the company needs improvement in their speed of service. Kept me hanging for 2+ weeks before solving a very easy to fix issue. I'll keep on ordering their products but never again from their own website.

only product does not burn my skin

I have had very sensitive and dry skin for the last two years, and I've tried dozens of different brands, all of which caused burning sensations on my skin. This is the only cream that has not burned my face. While it doesn't provide very long-lasting moisture—after six hours, I need to reapply—it at least doesn't irritate my skin. I will definitely buy it again.

First impression

For a 60$ cream it’s unacceptable that this product arrived in the box but the container lid was very loose no seal of any sort and it seems some of product was scooped out. I yet have not tried it but I feel very uneasy that the rest of the products I ordered have some sort of sealing however this one not only was there no seal the lid was very loose with half the product as advised in the picture. Very disappointing!!!!

Something has changed

I used this product daily during pregnancy since I couldn’t use my tretinoin. It kept my skin clear and never irritated my skin. I’ve continued to use it postpartum since I am nursing. It was out of stock for several months and I was so excited once it was finally back in stock. However, something has changed. My skin is now stinging when I apply it and I think it’s damaging my skin barrier. They may have upped the glycolic acid but I so prefer the formula from before it went out of stock.

I have been using this lotion for years and I absolutely love it!

does it exactly what it says it will do after first use. there’s not a single bump or spot of texture on my entire body as long as i wash with this every few days. $38 may be pricy for a body wash but not after you’ve spent 10x that amount on other treatments and lotions that don’t work. I’m just forever grateful this is the real deal.

I have oily skin but use retinols, and I love this! The moisturizer dries matte and very smooth. Feels extremely lightweight yet the most hydrating moisturizer I’ve used so far.

Tightens smooths wrinkles shrinks pores