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KP Kit
Laura Gurrola
Not the same....

I'm still debating whether if I like this kit anymore. I've been a customer for many years and I'm use to the old thick cream that works pretty fast. The new one I received is thiner and doesn't feel as strong as the old one I received a couple of years ago. I've used the product off and on but even now my old cream of this kit is still stronger than the new one I just got. So I'm a little disappointed. It's too soon to tell if it even works. Definitely doesn't work as good as the old formula. What's going on?

Body lotion

Best on the market. Keeps skin smooth and has sun protection!

Great stuff

The Best Cleanser

I have used this mild glycolic cleanser for over 15 years. It was first recommended to me by my derm. I have continued to use it since that recommendation, & plan to use it for as long as they make it. It is the BEST cleanser I’ve ever used at keeping my since clean, clear, & glowing. I think it has really helped at keeping my skin from showing the signs of aging. I am always told I look so young for my age & I think this incorporated with my skin routine has contributed to nice looking skin. If you use this consistently, you will def see a difference. I highly recommend it.

Exfoliating Body Wash
Jazzie Rosario
it's not worth the expensive price

I am completely disappointed to have received a 2 ounce tube for an expensive price. You have to put the size description before people buy.

Exfoliating Body Wash
Christopher Swan
False advertising in package size

I ordered the exfoliating body wash. Based on the images within the product page since I could locate a product size description, I thought I was getting a 6.7 ounce bottle. For the same price I received a 2 ounce tube. That’s not going to go far on my body. If I knew it was actually 2 ounce, I would have not made the purchase. I’m completely disappointed and feel duped.

Great Product

Arrived quickly, great product!

Paid for large size; received small size

I am very disappointed in Glytone, as this is not the first time I have paid for a larger size product, and been shipped the smaller size version of the product. I love Glytone products, but I’m concerned about possible unethical shipping practices here on the east coast of the United
States, so I’m not sure I will continue to order online. Too bad because the Glytone products are lovely.

Mild Cream Cleanser
Ignored loyal customer
Also received incorrect, cheaper product

Ordered 2 of the 6.7 oz. Received 2 of the 2 oz. Called and emailed. No response even though I’ve been a loyal customer for years. Will not purchase again. Too risky.

My 2nd bottle!

I’ve been using this product for about 2 months now and I love it. My overall skin tone looks more even and dark spots have been fading a lot faster. I recently purchased my second bottle and will definitely continue to repurchase!

Received Empty Bottle

I ordered this and received an empty bottle. I literally have never had anything like this happen, it’s so disappointing. Tried reaching out by email, longtime costumer. No response.

KP Kit
Trudy Nabors
Love Glytone

I have always used the body wash and body lotion, I recently purchased the resurfacing body oil and will never be without it. The oil with the lotion is amazing.

Product delivery with leakage and cap open.

It doesn't look like a new product.

Mild Cream Cleanser
Someone Who Will Never Order from Glytone Again
I Am a Fool. Never again.

I wrote one of the one-star reviews below. Glytone finally responded after two weeks of not answering my emails and phone calls. They did give me a refund and a discount on re-ordering the product. Guess what??? I just received, yet again, the same incorrect, less expensive product, even if you count the discount I received on the replacement order.
I'm curious if I will receive a response this time. I'm hoping for a refund and a chance to at least return the product.

Rejuvenating Cream 20 Vanura-Mathur
Fabulous cream!

Works fantastically. Have been using for years!

Great product great price !

Love all their products

Rejuvenating Lotion 15
Kelly L Hillyer

Keeps my skin smooth and keeps breakouts away, also I like how it sinks into my skin without a sticky residue

Youthful skin

Consistency is the key for long-term improvement. I use exfoliate soap with gloves. While still damp I vigorously rub in the exfoliating body lotion. My skin is transforming before my eyes. For three months I've been adamant and determined to give the Glytone line a try. How grateful I am to have stumbled upon this line. Thank you so much for this amazing product. I'm 66 and my skin feels silky smooth. The simple pleasure of living without itchy and dry skin is a God send. Happy Spring to all⚘️

Love this sunscreen


Exfoliating Body Wash
Shaina Johnson

Great texture, smells good. Love the quality.

Rejuvenating Lotion 15
Nina Friedman

Sufficient but I usually use 20, annoying that it is often out of stock

Never received

I ordered the end of Feb and payment was taken from my account March 3 . I have sent 2 emails and numerous attempts for a phone conversation with no luck. This is a review of your company. Unfortunately, I can’t give a review on something I have not received.

Mild Cream Cleanser
Helen McNally
wrong product received

I received the wrong product and can not get a response from Glytone to correct the problem. I have tried via email, their website and phone, no response for 14 days!