Aging Skin

The Causes and Effects of Skin Aging

Skin aging is defined as the set of changes that take place in skin cells over time. There are 2 main causes of skin again:

  • Intrinsic aging — the result of normal aging in which there are genetic, hormonal and other processes at work
  • Extrinsic aging — the result of external or environmental factors, such as ultra-violet (UV) rays, or pollution; and behavioral factors, including smoking or drinking alcohol

The accumulation of intrinsic and extrinsic effects damages skin cells over time. These changes manifest differently but the ultimate result of all skin cell damage is the skin's loss of elasticity. Though normal aging is unavoidable, environmental factors can be reduced by adopting healthy habits, avoiding excess sun, and taking care of your skin.

Formulated to Prevent Aging

GLYTONE offers a comprehensive treatment program to target aging skin at the cellular level, helping to produce a younger, healthier looking you.