Delicate Aging Skin

Skin Variability Means Varying Needs

Putting your best face forward each day requires skin care that’s effective across the entire body. Though different in a few key functions, there are several similarities between the body’s skin and facial skin. Skin on the body and the face are responsible for cell keratinization, collagen production, sebum production, and for fighting various pathologies.

However, across the body, skin varies in thickness, sensitivity and function. In areas more prone to injury and daily abuse, skin acts more as a protective barrier, whereas in others it is more engaged in temperature regulation. Some areas have more sebaceous glands and more pilosebaceous units than other areas. This means that skin care products must be adaptable to varying skin types and functions across the body.

Some of the pathologies, or conditions, unique to the body’s different skin surfaces are:

  • Hyperkeratotic skin disorders
  • Dry skin
  • Cellulite

Our Body Line for Your Body at Work

Our GLYTONE Body Line, based on free glycolic acid, adapts to your skin’s varying functions and needs across the entire body. For this reason, our products are effective against hyper-keratotic skin disorders, dry skin, and cellulite, wherever they arise. Symptoms become much more manageable, resulting in smoother and softer skin.

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